School of Architecture, CUHK


Undergraduate Programme 2021-22 

Bachelor of Social Science (Architectural Studies)


Architects are at the heart of how society rethinks the places we live, work and play, how we create more sustainable communities and healthier cities.

An architect imagines, draws and makes: the four-year Bachelor of Social Science (BSSc) degree in Architectural Studies at the CUHK School of Architecture aims to inspire students to think creatively, to experiment, and to explore drawing and making techniques. It teaches the design skills and knowledge that support creative inquiry in architecture – the programme nurtures a student’s individual imagination, developing design solutions that integrate cultural and physical contexts, structural and constructional environmental technologies.

Our aim is for students to find their own voice on a creative pathway to professional qualification. We nurture the confidence to prosper by providing the skills to think as designers and spatial practitioners. The programme lays the foundation for the two-year Master of Architecture at CUHK that fulfils the academic requirements to become a registered architect in Hong Kong.

Accredited by:
Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)
Architects Registration Board, Hong Kong (ARB-HKSAR)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


JUPAS curriculum: 8 Dec 2021 (Programme Code: JS4812)
Non-JUPAS curriculum: 6 Jan 2022


English 3 [x1.5]
Chinese 3 [-]
Mathematics 3 [-]
Liberal Studies 3 [-]
2 Electives 3 [-]

Selection Principle: Best 5

Postgraduate Programmes 2022-23

Master of Architecture (MArch)


The Master of Architecture (MArch) programme at the CUHK School of Architecture is a place of experimentation, a platform for design innovation. The two-year programme accredited by HKIA and RIBA prepares students in advanced areas of research, design thinking and speculative spatial practices. Each studio is a yearlong opportunity to explore design agendas in depth. Our aim is to foster the next generation of leading architects, educated to be at the heart of social, urban and rural innovation to create solutions for environmental challenges, and equipped with technical, digital and design skills to make a real difference.

Our MArch programme also offers international study experiences through field trips, global studios and exchange opportunities. Apart from an exciting range of elective courses across related disciplines, our required courses cover subjects that include building technology, history and theory, and professional practice.

Accredited by:
Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)
Architects Registration Board, Hong Kong (ARB-HKSAR)
Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

MSc in Urban Design (MSUD)

Urban design plays a key role in creating livable, sustainable and socially just cities. As one of the most dynamic laboratories for contemporary urbanism, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta offer a wide range of challenges and opportunities. The MSc in Urban Design programme prepares committed designers to engage with these challenges. Through a combination of design studios and focused modules, students develop design skills while integrating new knowledge about essential areas for urban design, such as community participation, ecosystems and transport networks. Courses in urban history and environmental economy provide a deeper understanding of the forces of urbanism and the impact of urban design on the environment and society.

Accredited by:
Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) – Specialist
Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The MPhil and PhD are research degrees. Students learn primarily by doing independent original research and should demonstrate the feasibility of their topic when applying for admission. The MPhil usually requires two years of full-time study; the PhD usually requires at least three to four years of full-time study. The two programmes are articulated, which means that students can, with Division approval, transfer from the MPhil to the first (pre-candidacy) part of the PhD, and vice-versa.


MArch: 3 January 2022
MSUD: 15 April 2022
MPhil & PhD: 1 December 2021


Tel: +852 3943 6517 (BSSc and MArch); +852 3943 1309 (MSUD, MPhil and PhD)
Fax: +852 3942 0982

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