School of Architecture, CUHK

Prof. FERRETTO, Peter W.

Associate Professor, Associate Director
Director, MArch Programme

DipArch (Cantab)
BA (Hons) (Lpool)

Rm. 405, Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building, CUHK

3943 6560


Peter W. Ferretto is an Associate Professor and Director of the Masters of Architecture Programme at the School of Architecture at CUHK. He was Associate Professor of Architecture at Seoul National University (2009-2014) and prior to that was a Unit Master at The Architectural Association in London (2007-2009). He graduated from both Liverpool and Cambridge University, and since 1999 has practised as a registered architect (ARB).

His research focuses on understanding urban/rural territories through design prototypes. His research subjects include Architectural Urban Typologies of Seoul, Residual Urban Spaces of Hong Kong, Everyday Urban Conditions, Contemporary Background City, Reactivating the Social Spaces of Chinese Ethnic Minority Villages and Prototype Solutions for a Self-build Timber House in Rural China. Over the last decade, the research has given rise to a series of publications, journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations, symposia, installations and international exhibitions.

In tandem with his academic research, over the last 20 years, he gained considerable professional experience working for several International practices, including Herzog & de Meuron Architects (Basel) before establishing 2009 his own firm, PWFERRETTO (Seoul). Praxis, being his vehicle to develop a systematic inquiry into architectural experimentation, through responding to current issues facing our built environment.

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Research Interests

  • Relationship between Architectural Design and the City
  • Urban Residual Spaces
  • Architectural Design Methodology
  • Rural Village Regeneration
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Urban Conditions
  • Architectural Critical Theory


Chasing Ambiguous Coexistence
Ferretto, P. W. (2018). Chasing Ambiguous Coexistence. In &. J. J. Nasan, Chasing the City. New York: Routledge.

Lost Urban Conditions of Hong Kong
LUO, J., & Ferretto, P. W. (2018). Lost Urban Conditions of Hong Kong: The Infrastructural Spaces of the Mei Foo Housing Estate. Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity – An Interdisciplinary Critique of The Built Environment. Tucson, Arizona: AMPS.

Background City: Inhabited Urban Conditions
Ferretto, P. W. (2017). Background City: Inhabited Urban Conditions of Hong Kong. UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress. Seoul

Adapting Villages
Ferretto, P. W. (2017). Adapting Villages: An Architectural Framework For Regenerating Dong Minority Settlements. S.Arch 4th International Conference 2017. Hong Kong

A Taxonomy of the Real: Seoul
Ferretto, P. W. (2016). A Taxonomy of the Real: Seoul. Architecture & Culture Journal -Routledge, 411-423

Here and Now Seoul
Ferretto, P. W. (2016). Here and Now Seoul – Ten Memos for Our Present Millennium. In K. Sung-Hong, The FAR Game- Constraints Sparking Creativity (pp. 130-140). Seoul: Space Books

Residual Landscapes
Ferretto, P. W. (2016). Residual Landscapes: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Lost Urban Spaces. Docomomo 14th International: Adaptive Reuse (pp. 38-44). Lisbon: Docomomo International

A Study of the Timber Structure of Drum Tower
Cai, L., Ferretto, P., & Deng, Y. (2016). A Study of the Timber Structure of Drum Towers of Chinese Dong Minority Architecture. IIWC Conference – Preservation of Historic Timber Structures, (pp. 51-61). Sweden

Ferretto, P. W. (2015). Place/Seoul. Seoul: Propaganda

Cast Space: Subverting the Spatial Paradigm
Ferretto, P. W. (2015). Cast Space: Subverting the Spatial Paradigm. 5th Interdisciplinary Time, Space, Body. Oxford University

Collaborative Feedback on Architecture Presentations
Ferretto, P. W., & Fitzpatrick, D. (2015). Collaborative Feedback on Architecture Presentations. English across the Curriculum, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Hong Kong

Architect’s Notes
Ferretto, P. W. (2014). Architect’s Notes. Seoul: G-Colon

Cast Space
Ferretto, P. W. (2014). Cast Space. Seoul: Spacetime

Converging Fragments: Seoul
Ferretto, P. W. (2014). Converging Fragments: Seoul. (Docomomo Journal, Vol.50, 12-18

The Mundane Architecture of Rooms
Ferretto, P. W. (2012). The Mundane Architecture of Rooms. Space – Journal, No.534, 30-36.

Subjective / Objective Space
Ferretto, P. W. (2012). Subjective / Objective Space. Space Journal, No.552, 58-66.

Vertical Museum
Ferretto, P. W. (2012). Vertical Museum. Seoul: Spacetime

Interpreting Fragments
Ferretto, P. W. (2011). Interpreting Fragments. Space – Journal, No.523, 72-84.

Vertical Urbanism
Ferretto, P. W. (2011). Vertical Urbanism. Seoul: Spacetime

Seoul Paradigms
Ferretto, P. W. (2009). Seoul Paradigms. Space – Journal, No.515, 100-112

Research Projects

Adapting Villages: An Architectural Framework for Regenerating Dong Minority Settlements
General Research Fund by (UGC) HK
Project Number: 14641516
Fund Approved: 1,002,288 HKD
Date: 2018-20

Urban Pauses: Reclaiming Hong Kong’s Residual Urban Spaces.
General Research Fund by (UGC)
Project Number: 14611017
Fund Approved: 737,000 HKD
Dates: 2016-18

Public Spaces in Dong Minority Villages
Direct Grant awarded by CUHK
Project Number: 4052110
Fund Approved: 80,000 HKD
Dates: 2016

Advised Theses

CHAN Cho Man, Terrence, “Regeneration of an Informal Settlement, Guryong Village, Seoul,” 2016-17

IP Man Lung, Jackey, “Furniture Foundation, Itaewon, Seoul,” 2016-17

LUN Ka Hei, Ruth, “Architectural School, Sewon Sanga, Seoul,” 2016-17

CHEE King Hei, Thomas, “Crafts Vault: The V&A Academy of Artisanal Crafts,” 2015-16 (RIBA President’s Silver Medal)

KAN, Tommy, “Polarized Society: Bridging The Gap // Culture And Play,” 2015-16

LEUNG Shuk Wa, Shirley, “Residual Community, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong,” 2015-16

Honours and Recognitions

3rd Prize – Suncheon International UIA Architectural Competition (2016)

2nd Prize – Design Student Teaching Award, National Board of Architectural Accreditation, China. (2016)

3rd Prize – International Architectural Competition: Seun City Walk (2015)

3rd Prize – MTR Public Sculpture Competition, Hong Kong (2014)

2nd Prize – National Architectural Competition: Memorial Park for the Korean Martyrs (2014)

1st Prize – Goheung Pottery Museum (2012)

1st Prize – Busan Opera House International Competition (2011)

Honorary Appointments

Vice Commissioner of the Korean Pavilion, 13th Architectural Venice Biennale (2012)

Director of the Architectural Association Visiting School (2008-10)

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