School of Architecture, CUHK

PhD Symposium 2022

Date & Time

28.04.2022 29.04.2022

With the themes “space”, “architecture” and “cities”, this symposium brings together research postgraduate students and scholars to discuss the built environment from public space, architectural practice, community building, digitization, urbanization and other aspects.

PhD Symposium 2022 is organised by the Research Postgraduate Students at the School of Architecture, and is open to teachers and students in relevant fields from CUHK and other educational institutions.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Francesco Rossini

Date: 28-29 April 20212 (Thur-Fri) via Zoom 

  • Session 1A: Design Research
  • Session 1B: Urban Study
  • Session 2A: History and Theory
  • Session 2B: Computer-Aided Research

More information and updates:

PhD Symposium Agenda

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