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Jonathan Robinson: From Impossible to Extraordinary

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About the Lecture:

The Civic Entrepreneur is a new profession transforming the world, one neighbourhood at a time.

Jonathan believes a new profession is emerging – the Civic Entrepreneur. As significant to this century as doctors and scientists have been to centuries passed – working to unlock the extraordinary latent potential in the places we each call home. From the worlds capital cities to Syrian refugee camps, to war-torn Afghanistan, to urban regeneration in London to the desert landscapes of the Sahel, Jonathan will explore the qualities of design thinking, leadership and enterprising initiatives of the people working to animate and transform our world.

About the Speaker:

Jonathan Robinson is an entrepreneur, author and anthropologist. He is the co-founder of Impact Hub and a Director of Civic. He has launched ventures with partners ranging from the Cabinet Office, British Council, Tate Modern and the Guardian Media Group, to Unicef, the Anna Freud Centre and peace entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.


The lecture will be conducted in English. For non-CUHK participants, please register here

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