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BSSc graduates and student awarded Honourable Mention at “Minimal Shelter Space” Competition

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CUHK architecture graduates Raygo Leung Wai Hong (BSSc 2020), David Yu Man Hon (BSSc 2020) and student Carson Chan Ho Nam (BSSc Year 4) received Honourable Mention at the “Minimal Shelter Space – Proposal for Providing Individual Shelters for Evacuation Centers in Japan” Competition, for their project “The PODS – Peaceful, Optimistic, Delightful, Sustainable”.

Recognising the need to create temporary evacuation shelters for victims of natural hazards, the team proposed using corrugated cardboards, compressed cardboard tubes and multi-functional furniture to set up “The Pods”, which can be easily stored, transported and installed. With one or more sets of “pods”, shelters accommodating different sizes of families can be formed in a flexible way, offering residents opportunities to nurture their own support network.

Organised by Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture, this Competition calls for innovative designs for a private space of 2m x 2m x 2m (4㎡) per person at a school gymnasium in Japan during an emergency evacuation. The competition panel and model of the team are currently being exhibited at Gallery Even of Sendai Forus, Japan until 27 January 2022.

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