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PhD students win at “The Living Museum” Competition

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PhD students Milly Lam and Paula Liu have been awarded the Golden Mention at the competition “The Living Museum – Micro-architecture in the Landscape” with a design project namely “MAKING RETREAT – A Sand Casting Craft School Embracing the Notion of Carving and Casting”.

Creating a retreat for sand-casting enthusiasts to host workshops or apprenticeship programs, the project provides accommodation for the artisan community while introducing visitors to its related “slow culture”. The design starts with the principle of sand-casting – carving void and casting solid – which makes up the main parts of the retreat; while generating a building that appears natural in its surrounding environment but reveals unconventional relationships on closer inspection.

Organised by TerraViva Competitions, an international didactic platform and cultural hub guided by Professor Richard Ingersoll and in partnership with Politecnico di Milano University, “The Living Museum” Competition calls for innovative projects which experiment with a wide range of typologies, sizes and materials that enhance the value of the natural site.

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